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November Club Meeting

Thank you Kristi Cundiff and Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents for taking the time to speak to the club at our November meeting.

Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents is built from the heart of a giant, Kristi Cundiff. Kristi started the group on Facebook with the intentions of putting foster and adoptive parents in touch with each other, and with other people, services and resources they need to provide great foster homes.

Today, Kristi, with the support and help of many other giant hearts have build a group of more than 5,200 members! Their goal is to provide Indiana foster and adoptive parents easy access to resources and support they need to provide stable, living homes for Indiana's foster children.

Being that there is an urgent need to do more, Indiana's foster and adoptive parents group has formalized as a nonprofit organization and are able to offer more coordinated advocacy and support, and raise funds for this important work.

Here are Warren Township GOP we encourage all to make a connection with Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents because they are committed to children of Indiana.

Please visit:


Contact Kristi herself at

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